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School Rules

Every Student is expected to display good behaviour in and out of school, at all times, especially when he/she is in his/her uniform.

  1. No swearing / cursing / obscene language.


  2. No screaming or shouting.


  3. No disruption of classes / lessons (students must listen to, and follow, instructions at all times).


  4. No eating or drinking in class.


  5. No chewing of gums in class.


  6. No disrespect towards fellow students, teachers and the school administration will be tolerated.


  7. No sitting on desks / tables.


  8. No leaving of the classroom without permission of the person who is incharge of the class at that moment (students must avoid going to the bathroom / toilet during class time).


  9. No loitering and/or playing in and around the corridors, toilets, school verandah and the school compound.


  10. No defacing (by drawing or writing, etc) of the school walls (interior or exterior), school furniture or other school items / properties, etc will be allowed. Anyone found guilty of such an act will be required to pay for the cost of such damage, and will be immediately expelled from the school.


  11. No amorous relationships, inappropriate touching / physical contact, etc.


  12. No student must be in possession of any cellphone or any other recording / communication device while he/she is at school. As soon as a student enters the school building, he/she must immediately hand over all cellphones and/or other communication / recording device(s) to the person(s) incharge of the cafeteria, or the student must secure his/her device(s) in his/her locker. A student’s cellphone or other communication / recording device(s) must be retrieved from the cafeteria or his/her locker within the last five minutes before he/she leaves the School building for his/her home.


  13. No form of recording, audio or visual, is permitted in or around the school building; and no form of recording is permitted of any student (or any part of the school building / property) of President College who is in his/her uniform, anywhere in Trinidad and Tobago. Any student who breaks this rule will be expelled immediately.


  14. No form of bullying, including but not limited to, fighting and other forms of physical conflict, verbal abuse, name calling, and the like, will be tolerated.
  15. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the school building or on the school compound.


  16. No cigarettes, marijuana, illegal drugs, and the like, will be allowed in the school building or on the school compound.


  17. No litteriing.


  18. Students must be regular and punctual to school. All students must be in the school building by 8:45 a.m.


  19. A written excuse must be submitted to the office / secretary whenever a student is absent.


  20. No use of EarPods / buds during school hours.

(i) The complete school uniform (shirt, pants / skirt, tie, socks, footwear, etc) must be worn correctly at all times: skirts below the knees, shirts tucked into waistband of pants / skirts, black sneakers, etc.

(ii) No wearing of nail polish.

(iii) Boys are NOT allowed to wear earrings and other jewellery, expect one wristwatch. 

(iv) Girls are NOT allowed to wear jewellery, expect one pair of stud or hoop earrings. 

(v) Only natural hair colours are permitted. Any other colours are strictly prohibited. 

(vi) Underclothes must not be visible through or under the uniform. This includes graphic print and bright colours. 

(vii) All hairstyles must be suitable for school: No ‘abnormal’ hairstyles will be allowed.

(viii) Hair accessories must be used only to secure hair neatly and must be plain black or white.

(ix) Open hair styles (for girls) are not allowed.