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Here are some of our past outstanding students:

From no choice at her SEA examination, which she wrote at another school, she rewrote at President College in 2022 & copped her first choice ( ASJA Girls’ ).

(full-time, online student)

passed seven CSEC subjects in Form 4 in 2023.

Shania’s relatives took her out from a public school and registered her as a Form 3, full-time, online student of President College during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020; and after just two years of online classes, she succeeded, at the May/June, 2022 CSEC examination, in securing 8 subjects (including 5 grade ones & 2 distinctions).

Gabrielle did not get any of her four choices at SEA but, in Form 3 at President College, she passed 6 CSEC subjects (2 grade ones and 4 grade twos).  She has just completed a two-year certificate in Business Studies & Information Technology at age 19 at UWI Open Campus. 

Maria never wrote SEA, but she passed CSEC English A, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry (with grade ones in Mathematics & English A) in Form 3 at President College. 

Anna scored 99% in Mathematics at SEA, and passed 4 CSEC subjects at age 13 in Form 2 (including grade ones/ distinction in Mathematics and English A) at President College. 

Elijah passed eleven (11) CSEC subjects in Form 4 at President College. 

After spending FIVE YEARS at a public school, Joshua passed only ONE subject in 2022; but after only ONE YEAR at President College, Joshua passed FIVE SUBJECTS in 2023.

One of the many outstanding, online, overseas students of President College, Keisha passed eleven (11) CSEC subjects. 

… another President College Form 2 baby‘ who will be writing in May/June this year (2024) eight (8) CSEC subjects: English A, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Science, HSB & Social Studies.